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 Sadako Rituke

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PostSubject: Sadako Rituke   Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:59 pm

Name: Rituke, Sadako
Nickname: Sado
Age: 18
What age you look: 21 or so...
Rank: Obsidian
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1
Weight: 160
Russian girl by ~st3fan3lboby on deviantART
Clothing: Usually a dark cloak, with trimmings of blue and such sorts.
Personality: Calm and serene for the most part, Sadako doesn't usually show her emotions. She tends to take to writing in her journal often, though what she writes doesn't necessarily relate to her life. She's reluctant to talk about her past, anyways.
History: ((Sorry if it's not in arcs... But yeah, I thought this would have sounded better.))
Her life isn't exactly a happy story, yet not a sad one where somebody goes on a rampage and kills everyone. No, Sadako was a normal kid growing up with the Zenzawas. Then she turned seven. It was that birthday that changed her life.

She walked in the woods, enjoying the lovely day, when a sparrow landed on her shoulder. "Eiji!" She said, smiling at the small speckled bird. "Saydi!" It cried as she had taught it to.
"Lovely day, isn't it?" Sadako said, gazing up at the clear blue sky. The bird on her shoulder trilled a happy song as a answer.

Then the oddest thing happened.

The sky began to fill with birds, all of them heading toward Sadako. Puzzled, she watched them land all about her. There were sea birds, land birds, water fowl.... of every shape and size there was a bird. Then, from the middle of them stepped a woman dressed in feathers.
"Sadako..." She whispered with a voice like a goddess' voice along with chorus of birds swept gracefully over the wind the be carried to the ears of a mere mortal, filling them with awe.
"I am Tori, the BirdWoman." She whispered again, drifting closer while her feet didn't even touch the ground.

"Uh, um..." Sadako stumbled over words, "P- Pleasure to meet you, Tori..." She finally managed with a bow.
"No need to bow, daughter of mine." Tori said with a laugh that further stunned Sadako as she straightened.
"Daughter....?" Sadako inquired
"Yes. You are my daughter."
"What?! I think you must be mistaken, I am Mrs. Zenzawa's daughter..."
Tori laughed again, "With thousands of eyes and ears about me, you think I am mistaken?" Great tawny wings unfolded themselves from her back, shaking slightly with laugher before re-furling themselves.
"Uh, I guess not...." Sadako said quietly, though she still didn't believe this Tori.
"Child, I gave you to the Zenzawas when you were just an infant. You are my child."

Sadako was still in shock, and it took her awhile to process the words. "But.... But..."
"But nothing. Seek me out when you believe it is time for you to learn about who you truely are. You will know when it is time."

And with that Tori was surrounded by feathers, whipped about on an unfelt breeze, leaving Sadako alone with her sparrow.

"Saydi!" It chirped.
Major parts of Sadako'story;Click Here
Here too
And here. :3
Short recap: After dying on Vescrutia at the hands of her sister, Crux, Sadako found herself wandering through space and time, her sadness not allowing her to rest. It seemed that her family curse remained, as she was separated from her children only moments after they were born. Her mother, Tori, might have died as well, but this was the revenge better than what the BirdWoman had planned.
Waking up in a strange place, given a body free of her wings, is Sadako really free of her curse? Giving up the shinobi way was hard, but this soul blader business might turn out to be even more difficult. Follow her on her journey, and find out for yourself...

RP Sample:
~*...Anger... Sorrow... Hate... Regret... Longing...*~

Such emotions were all she could feel, floating in that inky blackness that seemed to be eternity. Who was she? She could hardly remember anymore.. Ah, yes. Sadako was her name. Who was she? That was the question. Why was she feeling this? Memories bombarded her. Life; first living with the Zenzawas, then on her own... Then meeting Maze when she came to the Reality... Becoming Sannin... The wedding... The misson that took up most of the time during her pregnancy... Her children... Her death.

Hopelessness assailed Sadako. Where was she now? Why couldn't she go back? She wished for nothing more than to see Maze again, and to raise their new family together. Cruel; this world was too cruel.

Hate tempted her now. Hate for life, hate for herself, hate, hate, hate, hate...

...Then sadness. Complete and utter. How she wished for her old life.

A white vortex of light tugged at her soul, yet Sadako only acknowledged it slightly. She was groggy... How long had it been that she had been floating there, lost to all time? A lost being...

It was like a vaccuum, sucking her in. She didn't care though... Change was welcome...

She was spat out here, on a grassy plateau, completely disoriented. She found herself feeling heavy... Gravity wasn't something she was used to. Flexing each of her new muscles in turn, she was surprised to feel that she no longer had those wings that she had had since she was seven. Another loss... At was too much, after all that had happened. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she lay there, crying silently.

Looking much the same as she had before, with her goddess-like features, ebony hair and brilliantly blue eyes, her tears shone in the moonlight, highlighting her clearly defined facial structure. She would have been glad to find this new body fully clothed, had she not been so consumed with sorrow... That awful feeling of loss was so overwhelming...

Was this much better than the purgatory which she had just abandoned? Sadako didn't know... But at least now she had feeling. Perhaps being a numb soul, bottling up these emotions, without any other stimulation to gain more experience with, had caused this overload of emotion. Having feeling again made this all seem so much more real.

Curling up, Sadako felt a familiar weight at her hip... She almost cried out with joy. "Mamoru...?" Her voice, that of a goddess' daughter, called out hopefully, as she sat up, tears stil flowing freely onto her cheeks. A hand flew to the hilt of the katana, only to freeze before unsheathing the blade. She could feel that something wasn't right. The sword felt cold... Dead, even. Sadako started to sob, "Mamoru... Mamoru, no... Not you too..."

So much pain... So much loss... She couldn't take it.

The elements swirled around her, a fierce wind tearing up grass and dirt, a huge tornado raging around her. Clouds gathered overhead, thunder and lighting shaking the very earth beneath her, as huge raindrops fell outside of the huge storm system. The earth around her shook, yet this was not from the ear-shattering thunder. It seemed to heave, cracking apart all around her, a spiderweb-like effect with Sadako at it's center. The cries of souls that lusted for the life that was taken from them accompanied the sounds of the storm, a wild chorus of Sadako's raw fury. Why must this have happened to her?! What did she do to deserve it?!

Flames swirled all around her, a wild inferno that extended for miles. The shadows of what lay outside of these flames' reach began to dance, charged with a wild energy not many would be able to place.

One word burst from her lips, a cry of anguish, rage, sorrow, and confusion.


Tears flowed freely from her eyes, even as these elements vanished. She felt herself slipping away, back into that void... Such havoc, so easy to wreck, weighing down her thoughts. A slight hum filled the air, her katana slowly shifting form. Mamoru had come back to her, an understanding smile on his lips. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he whispered,

"Hush, Sadako-san... Everything will be alright."

Name: Mamoru
Age: Oh, it's hard to remember exact ages... Let's just say before recorded history. ^^;
Height: In stone:
Out of Stone: 6'4
katana by =skino on deviantART

Dir en grey by ~SkyEaten on deviantART
Rank: Obsidian

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PostSubject: Re: Sadako Rituke   Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:05 pm

Nice. Love the detail on the history and the sample, although a little more on personality would have been nice. Approved though.

[Edit] Approval temporarily suspended due to authors desire to be a meister. Approval will be re-administered after Meister template is added.

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PostSubject: Re: Sadako Rituke   Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:25 pm

Approval ReGiven. Welcome to the Meister Group, Rank Obsidian

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PostSubject: Re: Sadako Rituke   

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Sadako Rituke
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