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 [Create] Reaper

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Posts : 139
Join date : 2010-02-25
Age : 27
Location : U.S.A.

PostSubject: [Create] Reaper   Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:09 am

Again, since i am head mod, this is automatically Approved.

Name: Reaper

Type: Scythe

Weapon looks: A general scythe, It consists of a long Dark colored wood staff with a curved Steel blade extending from it. Despite the basic materials it is made from, it exudes dark energy.

Weapon Abilities: Reaper contains dark energy which Maikeru can use to launch crescent moon shaped energy blasts by swinging it. It is also very durable, and at high soul ranks can even seperate the connection between a Blader and his Soul Stone temporarily.

Weapon Specials:
Level 1: Crescent Reaper: Maikeru swings the scythe to cause a crescent shaped ray of dark energy fly out.
Level 2: Gattling Crescent: Same as Crescent Reaper, but 5 instead of 1.
Level 3: Spinning Crescent: Same as Crescent Reaper, but it spins, making it last longer and do more damage.
Level 4: Soul Scream: Maikeru swings the scythe at high speeds to attack with sound waves.
Level 5: Soul Slasher: Maikeru attacks a persons soul rather than their body, doing damage to the weapon.
Level 6: Soul Seperater: Maikeru can use Reaper to seperate the connection between the Blader and the Soul Stone, causing the weapon to revert to stone form.
Level 7: Soul Reaper: Needing a perfect connection, this temporarily seperates a blader/monster/witch's soul from its body.

Current Owner: Maikeru Riengoddo, Creator.
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Monomezurashii Maindo

Posts : 7
Join date : 2010-02-28

PostSubject: Re: [Create] Reaper   Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:39 am

no, it is not automatically approved Maikeru. Or you wouldn't be asking me to approve it, eh?
approved. lock it
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[Create] Reaper
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