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 Item shop prices and guidlines.

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PostSubject: Item shop prices and guidlines.   Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:36 pm

Here are all the items currently for sale, and the points they cost.

Witch Token: Only gotten from witch hunter quests, these allow you to bribe a witch into surrendering without having to fight them. 20 Points.

Moon Token: Only gotten from hunting werewolves. These allow you to distract a werewolf if they try to summon more allies. 20 Points

Imp Cap: Only gotten from special missions titled: Imp army. They allow you to command imps as your servents, one time use. 20 Points

Maikeru Coupons: Only given to emerald rank or lower, and only to those who have completed a training mission with Maikeru. Allows you to summon up Maikeru and do one turns of attacks, at the forfeit of yours. 30 Points.

Soul Capsules: These allow you to maximize your link with the soul stone, sending you into perfect link mode. Only given out during Aquamarine level missions or higher. 15 Points.

Holy Artifacts: Only given on Ether rank missions or higher. When used, they destroy all monsters nearby instantly. Very rare. 100 Points.

Claw Amulets: Turn you into a Werewolf, Werecat, or Werefox for 5 posts. Only given by doing missions fighting with or against these monsters (example: fighting werewolves or teaming up with Neko Riengoddo) 50 Points.

Illusion Cloak: 10 use item, Can be used to turn yourself invisible for 3 posts with a 2 post cooldown. Can be used 10 times. Normal mission reward. 10 Points.

Alkedia Orb: 5 Use item, Can be used to create a bright light that is effective at damaging ghosts and vampires, as well as increase the power of light based attacks and lowering the power of dark based attacks. Can only be gotten by defeating Vampires and Shades. 50 Points.

Umbridia Orb: 5 Use Item, The dark version of the Alkedia Orb. Can only be gotten by defeating corrupted Angels. 50 Points.

Multiple Doll: A doll that allows you to make illusion copies of yourself that last for 3 turns. Normal mission rewards. 30 Points.

1. Point values never decrease, so you must keep track of how many of the points you have are already spent.

2. Make sure to post how much you spent on the item in your inventory.

3. You Must have made an inventory to use the Point Shop.

4. To buy something with points, Make a topic (each character can only have one) and in the post tell what you are buying, the price of each item, and the total points spent. To buy something at a later time, do the same, but make it a reply to the original topic.

5. An Admin or Mod must approve all sales.

6. Items you get from a mission must have the mission reward tag on the end of the item name: [MR]. These items do not cost you points. If you have two of the same item, one a [MR] and the other a shop purchase, you must seperate them. For example: Moon Tokenx1 [MR], Moon Token x1, Bought for 20 Points.

Enjoy the new shop!

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Item shop prices and guidlines.
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